Oracles is the application which is able to calculate through astrological algorithms the most probable data about your lives (past, current and future) by the date of birth.

You can find out in what epoch and in what country you were lived in your past life, if you was male or female and what was your profession. Also you learn what you can look forward in your future life.

Some interesting astrological details about your current life are also available: your lucky number and signs in several different zodiacs. All of these information you can easily share with your friends.

Privacy policy

No any personal data are stored or sent anywhere in the Oracles application. The application contains an advertisement banner which can refer to the some web.

The application needs permission for write to an external storage because it is used for creating an image for sharing function (only when you use it).

Copyright & contact

The Oracles application was created by Amporis, s.r.o. with support of the allied company PoVI, s.r.o.

Contact to the support is


Following free resources (icons) was used in the Oracles application: zodiac signs, chinese zodiac signs, birthday cake, witch, nun, qeen, male actor, female actor, axe, themis, nurse, abbess, cowboy, male writer, female writer, maid, teacher, rose, space ship, solider, share, shining and commercial icons from IconExperience V-Collection owned by co-author PoVI, s.r.o.